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Oklahoma State University

Apple Mac OS X

  1. Open Finder
  2. Select Go > Connect to Server
  3. Connect to Server
    1. Enter the server address and share name path (smb://
    2. Click the + to add server to Favorite Servers
    3. Click Connect
    4. Authenticate if prompted
      1. Select Registered User
      2. Enter your Okey username (not your email address)
      3. Enter your Okey password
      4. Check Remember this password in my keychain if desired
  4. Add connection to Finder Favorites (optional)*
    1. Start System Preferences
    2. Open Users & Groups
    3. Select Login Items
    4. Click on the + button
    5. Under Shared select the server and the share you want to automatically connect
    6. Click Add

*If you are not connected to the OSU network when you log into OS X, it will notify you that it is unable to connect to the server