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Oklahoma State University

Microsoft Windows 8.1

  1. Open File Explorer
  2. On the Menu Bar, click Computer > Map network drive
  3. Mapping a network drive
    1. Select a drive letter
    2. Enter the address for the folder (\\\sharename)
    3. Check Reconnect at logon if desired
    4. If you didn’t use your Okey account to log into the computer, check Connect using different credentials*
    5. Click Finish
    6. If you checked Connect using different credentials, enter your Okey email address, Okey password, and check Remember my credentials**
    7. Click OK

*If you’ve already used this option to connect to a different share folder on the same server ( then you do not have to check this option again.

**If you save your credentials, make sure to update your password entry for the server in Control Panel > Credential Manager whenever you change your Okey password, otherwise it will keep trying to use your old password and will keep locking your Okey account.