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Oklahoma State University

Important Message about Student Access to Recorded Videos

The VBrick system used by OSU to allow student access to recorded courses under a password protected portal has reached an end of life.  ITLE no longer has the option to allow students direct access to the class videos.

ITLE does have a recording server to capture daily classes.  These classes are then uploaded to an FTP server where an assigned person from each college is allowed to pull their videos off to be used as needed.

All vdeos on the ITLE FTP server will be removed 2 weeks after the semester ends.  It is the responsibility of each college/department to archive any videos they wish to keep.  If additional time is needed to pull files off the server, please contact no later than one week after the semester is finished.  We highly recommend videos be copied and archived weekly to ensure proper backup.

File sizes will depend on the length of each class, but the average file size is running around 1.2 G per one hour class.  Storage size on the OSU-RA server could increase significantly as people start posting current classes to the OSU-RA server.