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Oklahoma State University

How to use Matlab on Tesla

  1. Install SSH or Putty (whichever you prefer) on your desktop
  2. Install VNC viewer on your desktop
  3. Login to using SSH or Putty and your Okey login credentials
  4. At the login prompt, start a VNC server by typing:

    vncserver -depth 24 -geometry 1024x768

  5. The system should respond with something like:

    New 'X' desktop is
    Creating default startup script /home/[username]/.vnc/xstartup
    Starting applications specified in /home/[username]/.vnc/xstartup
    Log file is /home/[username/.vnc/

    Note the number at the end of the "New 'X' desktop..." line (in the example, 31)

  6. The first time you start vncserver, it will prompt you for a password. This password is for the vncserver and is NOT related to your tesla01 password.
  7. From the Windows Start Menu, start TightVNC (VNC Viewer Personal Edition for Win32).

    In the 'Server:' space type: (where xx is the number , 31 in this case)

  8. Log in using the password you created when you started vncserver in Step 6.
  9. 9. On your desktop screen, you will be presented with  X-Windows display mimicking the tesla1.
  10. Open a terminal in the X-Windows display
  11. Start matlab in the terminal  you just opened above
  12. When your session is over, close TightVNC and remove the vncserver instance by typing the following at the SSH prompt:

    vncserver -kill :xx (where xx is the number you noted in step 5).