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Oklahoma State University

e-SPECS for Revit v8.0

Download and Installation Instructions

Serial Numbers and Licensing Instructions

Terms and Conditions



Download and Installation Instructions

The following instructions will guide you through downloading and installing e-SPECS v8.0. It is important to follow the installation process closely.

Download e-SPECS:

  1. Click Here to download the e-SPECS installation program.
  2. The detailed Installation Guide should be downloaded and referred to as needed.
  3. The Release Notes should be downloaded. The Release Notes are also available under the e-SPECS Help menu.

Install the e-SPECS Server:

Note: Make sure the user installing e-SPECS has Administrator privileges on the computer and copy the entire installation download to the computers on which you will be installing e-SPECS (do not install over the network).

  1. Double-click the downloaded e-SPECS installation file to begin the installation. The self-extracting zip file unzips the compressed files and launches the install for e-SPECS.
  2. Follow the Installation Guide to install the e-SPECS Server first, then license using the e-SPECS Licensing Utility application. Reboot the server following installation if requested to do so.

Install the e-SPECS Client Applications:

  1. On all computers that will use e-SPECS, install the e-SPECS v8.0 client application, following the Installation Guide for detailed instructions if needed. You will need to copy the installation file to each computer (do not install over the network).

Start using e-SPECS:

  1. Launch e-SPECS for Revit v8.0 from the Microsoft Windows Desktop or Start Program menus.
  2. If this is a new installation that has not yet been licensed using the e-SPECS Licensing Utility, the Licensing window will indicate the number of days remaining on the 30 day trial version
    1. You will have access to 11 MasterSpec sample sections during this trial period.
    2. Serial numbers licensing e-SPECS and MasterSpec are emailed after confirmation of payment.
    3. Click the Continue button in the lower right portion of the Licensing Window.

To learn how to get started using e-SPECS, choose Help > Quick Start Guide.



Serial Numbers and Licensing Instructions

The following instructions guide you through the process of licensing your e-SPECS applications and master specification libraries. 

e-SPECS License Overview

The e-SPECS License Manager controls access to the licensed e-SPECS client application software and the separately licensed Master Specification libraries.  The following instructions will walk you through the process of applying your serial numbers and verifying your licenses.

e-SPECS Utility Licensing Procedure:

Note:  Make sure the user licensing the serial number has Administrator privileges and you are connected to the Internet and always license the master specification serial number last.

  1. On your e-SPECS server machine, download the e-SPECS Licensing Utility and install it.
  2. Your e-SPECS DSN must be using the defaults: named ESPECS40, with Windows NT authentication. If you renamed your DSN or are using SQL Authentication, you will need to change those settings back to the defaults.
  3. Double-click the e-SPECS License Utility shortcut on your desktop to launch the utility.
  4. Paste your e-SPECS Serial Number in:
  5. Paste your MasterSpec Serial Number in:
  6. Paste your Contact name:
    • Your Contact name is: Oklahoma State U
  7. Paste your Company name:
    • Your Company name is: Oklahoma State U
  8. Paste your Contact Email:
  9. Click License to register e-SPECS and MasterSpec. The process may take a moment.
  10. You will get a dialog thanking you for your purchase and providing your license expiration date(s) if applicable. You can now use e-SPECS!

To verify the success of licensing: open your e-SPECS for Revit software client and go to Help > License.

If licensing couldn't complete due to an error, please take a screenshot of the error dialog (Alt + PrtSc) and paste it into an email to, along with your licensing information. We will diagnose the problem and get back to you as soon as possible.



Terms and Conditions

  1. e-SPECS Institute Site Discount is applicable based on the Institute's agreement to a Marketing Press Release stating the Institute has received such a discount.
  2. “Term Based License” means a grant to use the e-SPECS software for a fixed period of time and then expires. Term Based Licenses include Software Maintenance including software updates and upgrades during the term of the license.
  3. Customer is responsible for maintaining valid licenses to MasterSpec®
  4. Travel and Expenses for On-Site Training and Consulting is to be paid by Customer.
  5. Fulfillment is via Internet software download. Shipping is available via FEDEX for $25.
  6. Payment is due in full with this signed proposal.
  7. Only Primary and Secondary Contacts listed are entitled to technical support. Training services are additional.
  8. "Institution Site" means, the Institution's primary campus only. Institution Site does not include any computer labs, classrooms or offices located on any of Institution's remote or satellite campus sites, or Student personal computers. An Institution Site shall not mean multiple Institution campuses. Each site can only represent one individual campus location and in only one of each of the following locations: engineering lab, drafting lab or technology lab. Subject to the license terms, an Institution and its Users may have unlimited use of the Software from the Institution's library computers. An Institution and its Users may use the Software at more than one Institution Site if Institution has paid the then-current license fee for additional Institution Sites. The Annual Institute Site License are licensed on a per Institution Site basis and Institution may only use the Software at the number of Institution Sites for which Institution has paid the then-current license fee. Unless Institution's license fee and/or invoice from Autodesk indicate otherwise, it shall be presumed that Institution has a one Institution Site license.
  9. Annual Renewal License Costs are per Institute Site with the training and other services optional and priced seperately.